2015 Payette River Games - SUP Teaser Clip from Payette River Games on Vimeo.

Idaho SUP Boarding 

Stand up paddle boarding or SUPing, is an exciting new sport, a new way to paddle, and a new way to exercise and recreate.  The process of building a SUP community at our facility to take advantage of the amenities we have to offer at Idaho River Sports is an exciting challenge. Not only are we embracing stand up paddle boarding, we're loving it ourselves! For more, check out Idaho Paddleboarding by clicking here. And check in at IRS to see when people are on the pond or about lessons! 

A Very Short History

Stand up Paddleboarding, or SUP Boarding, originated in Hawaii in the 1960s — surfing instructors would stand on the boards to look for waves and increase their visibility while teaching. Realizing this was actually pretty fun, more people started standing on the boards to tour on the water, not just surf.
Paddle boards are similar to surf boards but designed for flat water touring rather than catching waves, propelled by paddles rather than wave action. A new generation of paddle boards are also making "surfing" waves in rivers more possible too. Unlike surfing, where you stand sideways on the board, for paddle-boarding, you stand with your feet squared facing the front of the board for most flatwater SUPing.